About Rules Of The Road

Fun, Animated Films That Your Children Will Love

How can you be sure your kids are learning about all the values you want them to have?  Honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, self-control, thankfulness, kindness, and many more, are all important for children to learn at a young age when their characters are being shaped.

Rules of the Road is an exciting new collection of animated films featuring classic episodes from Auto-B-Good and Monster Truck Adventures.  Packed with fun characters and exciting adventures, Rules of the Road helps reinforce the values you're working hard to instill in your children.  

The Easiest Way To Promote Great Values In Kids

Each beautifully animated Rules of the Road film features three great episodes centered around an essential value, such as obedience, politeness, tolerance or forgiveness.

As young viewers watch these fascinating films, they'll learn what makes each value such an important character trait and how embracing those values now will serve them throughout their whole lives.

There’s simply no better—or easier—way for children to develop great characters than with Rules of the Road!

A Wide Range Of Learning Resources

Each film from Rules of the Road is supplemented with a complete lineup of educational resources that reinforce the subject material of the DVD, and are the perfect resource to help kids put their values-based learning to practice.

These downloadable worksheets and learning activities are ideal for strengthening your children's understanding of the content from the films.

From interactive multiple-choice quizzes and discussion questions, to in-depth glossaries and entertaining word games, Rules of the Road gives you a whole host of resources to help your children understand—and practice—the most important character traits!  

Online Streaming From Any Device

Rules of the Road not only gives your kids a fun and entertaining way to learn life's most important values and character traits, but it’s convenient, too! 

In addition to DVDs that can be played in any DVD player, each Rules of the Road video you purchase can be streamed online through your account on the Rules of the Road for Kids web site.

At home or on-the-go, kids can enjoy Rules of the Road products any time and anywhere, whether it’s the family computer, an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and any other internet-connected device that’s equipped with a web-browser.